Chromebook Browser settings shortcuts

Show or hide the bookmarks bar. If the bar is hidden, you can see your bookmarks in the Chrome menu.Ctrl Shift B
Open the Files appAlt Shift M
Display hidden files in the Files appCtrl .
Open the History pageCtrl H
Open the Downloads pageCtrl J
Open the Task ManagerSearch Esc
Open or hide the list of available keyboard shortcutsCtrl Alt /
Get help with your ChromebookCtrl ?
Configure monitor displayCtrl + 
Open the status area in the bottom-right corner of the screenShift Alt S
Highlight the launcher button on your shelfShift Alt L
Highlight the next item on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Tab or right arrow
Highlight the previous item on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Shift + Tab or left arrow
Open the highlighted button on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Space orEnter
Remove the highlight from a button on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Esc
Switch focus to the next keyboard-accessible pane. Panes include:
  • Status area containing the time, network icon, and battery icon
  • Launcher
  • Address bar
  • Bookmarks bar (if visible)
  • The main web content (including any infobars)
  • Downloads bar (if visible)
Ctrl +  or Ctrl + 
Highlight the bookmarks bar (if shown)Alt Shift B
Highlight the row with the address barShift + Alt + T
Open the Chrome menu on the browser toolbarAlt E or Alt F
Open right-click menus for highlighted itemsShift Search Volume Up
Turn ChromeVox (spoken feedback) on or offCtrl Alt Z
Change screen resolutionCtrl Shift and + or -
Reset screen resolution to defaultCtrl Shift and 0
Rotate screen 90 degreesCtrl Shift and Reload

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